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Why Buy A Granny Flat

  • Independence with security
  • Being close to someone who cares when needed
  • Someone to help you with shopping
  • Security with the occasional visit to doctor
  • Develop closer relationships with grandchildren
  • No more costly repairs and maintenance to do at home and lower overall costs in electricity heating rates, etc
  • Smaller gardens to maintain & water
  • Going away mum or dad can look after the home
  • Adds value to existing home/property - certain designs
  • A place you can accommodate your most loved pets
  • Not in a retirement home with others who may have grumpy attitudes


Personal Reasons for Buying a Granny Flat - Weighing up options:

  • A retirement home too expensive
  • A smaller home/villa unit same issues of having to drive too far to fix a squeaking door
  • Not ready for nursing home, still very capable
  • Own gateway entry not to disturb and to be self sufficient
  • Someone you can trust in emergency - (child minding)
  • Don't need to chase after mum/dad - they are with you now
  • Cheaper than an extension in most cases
  • When selling home remaining amount of money to be invested or pay a mortgage
  • Drive kids to school for you - spend more time
  • House and land too large to manage
  • Keeping your family together
  • Feeling of relief and happiness now mum/dad are being looked after
  • Mum or dad not alone all the time - (if living alone)
  • An invitation to discuss any other extras they may wish to include in their new home

Why Choose Us

  • Quality, honesty and integrity
  • We are Registered Builders
  • Fixed price quotation inpidually suited to your site, no hidden costs
  • Whole job complete from initial site assessment to move in, we arrange all plans & permits
  • Very competitive in regard to pricing
  • Testimonials - we can arrange a telephonic conversation, with a present or past client
  • We are affiliated with long standing suppliers in the industry with years of experience in providing the quality of product &services
  • We can arrange finance via our broker that may be able to help you in your endeavour
  • We build on site or movable units whether it is in the metropolitan area, coastal or rural
  • We arrange transportation and cartage if required
  • We make changes to suit your requirements and finishes
  • Our Units can be easily integrated with other units e.g. choose a kitchen from one unit and a bathroom from another unit integrate to create your own professional design
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • We are members of the Master Builder Association, known & respected in the association continuing in our professional development (CPD)
  • Workmanship and Service guaranteed.


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